Judge Edward J. King is a candidate for judge in the 4th SubCircuit of Cook County

Judge Edward J. King, 4th SubCircuit
Judge Edward J. King, 4th SubCircuit

Appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court to fill a vacancy on the judicial bench in October 2014, Judge King has the proven experience and background to serve as a judge.

A U.S. Marine Corp Veteran, and a long time attorney in the Chicagoland area, Judge King as been found “qualified” and is “recommended” by many judicial review boards and legal associations including the Chicago Council of Lawyers, the Woman’s Bar Association of Illinois, the Chicago Bar Association, and the Alliance of Bar Associations.

“I am proud to present my qualifications, experience and background for your review as I ask for your support and your vote on March 15, 2016 for my election bid for the 4th SubCircuit in Cook County,” said Judge Edward J. King.

“I hope you find the information on this website to be informative and helpful. Thank you.”